Countdown To Roo
June 11, 2015
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  • We are preparing to send invites, so be on the lookout.

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Donate through PayPal, the money will be used for car flags, "tips", and other community items.

Lineup Announcement Chat

  • Tuesday, January 13th
  • Time: 6pm EST
  • Chat Link
  • Password: 04solorooers13

It's winter time, but a Solorooers chat on lineup announcement night will warm us don't you think?

So, let's plan on getting together this Tuesday evening the 13th in our usual meeting spot for chats. Lineup announcements start at 6pm eastern, so we'll use that as the "official" chat start time and it ends at 9pm eastern so we'll say 10pm is the "official" chat end time. However, this will be very informal chat-Solorooers can come and go through the evening as they see fit. Or they can stick around for the whole evening and into the wee hours, if they've got the time. Due to work commitments, I myself won't be joining everyone until likely 7pm or so, so until I join I leave it to all of you to run things yourselves & behave accordingly (as in just like as if you are at Bonnaroo, LOL).

I recommend making sure you've got your favourite choice of imbibement for the chat, whatever that may be ;)

See you there soon!
Sir Rastus Bear

Meet The Solorooers!

We call ourselves the Soloroo'ers, a group of people traveling alone who wanted to meet up with other travelers, so that they would be with a community instead of on their own. Then they branched out and started hosting a barbecue for the list serv. That is where we all met, we were about 100 hundred strong that first night and we paraded from our meet up point at the arches to the Soloroo'ers campsite to cook and talk to people we had only chatted with and never met. After that year we changed a bit and now instead of about 20 individuals camping together, we are about 50 people caravaning in to Bonnaroo and meeting up to create one community within Bonnaroo. This last year we had 26 cars, the year before that we had 22. It takes work, we have to have runners directing cars and negotiating with the parking crew to let use sit to one side once we pass through the gates, to wait to travel through the parking line as a collective.